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We currently have the following vacancies

Updated: 01 December 2023

We are continuously searching to recruit qualified seafarer (male or female), from Master to Messman with experience on:

  • Gas Tankers (LPG & LNG)
  • Cruise Vessels (Marine & Hotel Crew)
  • Chemical Tankers - above 10,000 DWT
  • Oil Tankers - above 10,000 DWT
  • Container - above 2000 TEUS
  • Bulk Carrier - above 30,000 DWT
  • FPSO - Floating Production Storage and Offloading

Contact Our Recruitment Team

                         Marine Crew                                                                           Hotel Crew (Cruise)

                            - Dwi Riyanto, Tel: +62 812-9433-6159                                  - Emiral Rizwan, Tel: +62 813-1450-4088

                            - Yaenal Arifin, Tel: +62 812-9073-2023                                 - Risqy Aditya, Tel: +62 852-1883-1580

Our company does NOT charge any processing fee (money) for applying for a job and get employment with us NOR to use any external recruitment agent so if anyone asks you for a fee (money), please reject to pay and report to us by phone or WhatsApp at +62 811 276 171

Please visit our online BSM Application Portal to register your details with us or send your CV to [email protected]

If you wish to apply for hospitality crew (hotel staff) on our Cruise, please send your CV along with a scanned copy of your document to  [email protected] 

If you provide us with your complete contact information, we will be able to reach you and we will contact you to discuss any current available opportunities suiting your qualifications.